Our planet is at the heart of our development, at Tempus we are dedicated to producing a cycling brand that has sustainability at the forefront of everything we do. 

Dedicated to doing more for our planet, ensuring that while we produce new collections, we still have a positive impact and offset our team’s carbon & plastic footprints.

Positive Impact

We will plant one tree and rescue one plastic bottle from the ocean for every order you place with Tempus. No exclusions. 

How do we go about offsetting carbon footprints, planting trees and rescuing plastic from the ocean? 

We are delighted to partner with Greenspark, who are dedicated to tackle the greatest challenges facing the world today and give smaller brands like us the tools to take action and help in the fight to make a positive impact on climate change. 

Where will my trees be planted?

Your trees will be at our site in Nicaragua in partnership with Greenspark & Eden Reforestation Projects. You’ll plant diverse native species that ensure the greatest benefit to the local ecosystem.  The project supports local communities through fair wages and labor to plant, nurture, and protect each of your trees.

How is plastic rescued?

In partnership with Greenspark & Plastic Bank, you’ll rescue plastic from areas in Southeast Asia hit hardest by the plastic pollution crisis. Local communities are employed with a fair living wage to retrieve plastic from the landscape.  It can then be recycled into new products, avoiding the need for new plastic.

How is the carbon offset?

You’ll support carbon offsetting projects around the world that reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.  Each project is vetted and verified by the UN to ensure their validity and quality.  By funding these projects and absorbing a specific amount of carbon related to your carbon footprint, you can counteract your own emissions to reduce your overall impact on the planet.

For more information on our work with Greenspark and how it all works, please visit Sustainability solutions for your business (

Our sustainability practices don’t stop there, keep reading for more.

Fabrics & Production

The fabrics we use are mainly synthetic, there is no escaping that. We are committed to working with our supply based and finding an alternative. Until then, where possible we use recycled polyester and nylon, avoiding virgin polyester. 

Tempus understand that producing more apparel itself has a negative impact on our planet, this is why we have made our commitment to only produce small quantities and also offer a made to order service. This helps avoid over production and mass consumption. Afterall you can only wear one kit at a time. 

At TEMPUS, we are committed to supporting our partners and producers’ livelihoods, and you can have a positive impact on them when you purchase our products, whether at full price or as part of our last chance to buy collection.  We offer discounts without affecting the wages of our partners, and we never destroy any unsold goods. Therefore, you can confidently shop knowing that your purchase is not only benefiting you but also contributing to a more sustainable fashion industry.


Life after wear

To support our positive impact goals TEMPUS recommends the Love Your Clothes campaign, which encourages consumers and businesses to buy, use, and dispose of clothing in ways that minimize their environmental impact.  We invite you to visit the Love Your Clothes website to learn more about this initiative and how you can improve the sustainability of your clothing and its lifecycle.

If you have cycling clothing that is beyond repair or cannot be donated or upcycled, we suggest giving them to clothing and textile banks where they can be recycled.  You can visit the RECYCLE NOW website to find a clothing and textile bank near you. 

We have a lot that we want to achieve with our Tempus Positive Impact movement, stay tuned and make sure you have signed up to our newsletter to keep up to date with our sustainability commitments.