With over 40 years history Loudoun Road Club promotes themselves as the most successful club in Ayrshire and Dumfriesshire Region. Proudly supporting members of all abilities and are very proud to have members that have won numerous Scottish and Ayrshire titles since the clubs inception.

We are proud to be their kit manufacturers and can’t wait to see the riders keep developing.

To learn more about Loudoun Road club, please visit our website.

Loudoun Road Club

Club Shop Opening Windows:

Shop 1: 27th Feb – 10th March window, April delivery.

Shop 2: 21st April – 8th May opening window, June delivery. 

Shop 3: 31st July – 13th August opening window, September delivery. 

BONUS SHOP: 2nd October – 12th October opening window for December delivery. 

Shop 4: 23rd October – 5th November window, Jan 2024 delivery.

If you are interested in placing a club order out with the outlined shop windows, please contact us and we will see what we can do, send us an email on [email protected].