The Scottish Police Recreation Association (SPRA) Cycling Section has a long history of being an inclusive section catering for those keen to meet new friends and nurture previous friendships and those wishing to try different aspects of the sport, e.g., road cycling, track, gravel, mountain, etc. The section has seen a number of members representing SPRA competitively in both local and national PSUK events. Tempus are proud to be working with SPRA Cycling Section.


Club Shop Opening Windows:

Shop 1: 27th Feb – 10th March window, April delivery.

Shop 2: 21st April – 8th May opening window, June delivery. 

Shop 3: 31st July – 13th August opening window, September delivery. 

Shop 4: 23rd October – 5th November window, December delivery.

If you are interested in placing a club order out with the outlined shop windows, please contact us and we will see what we can do, send us an email on [email protected].