At the centre of a wonderful cycling paradise and around the Tweed Valley, Peebles offer a diverse range of actitives and always welcome new members. If you are in the Borders and are looking for a club, get in touch Join – Peebles Cycling Club.

You can order your Tempus x Peebles Cycle Club kit from our shop, during anyone of the four shop windows.

Peebles Club

Club Shop Opening Windows:

Shop 1: 27th Feb – 10th March window, April delivery.

Shop 2: 21st April – 8th May opening window, June delivery. 

Shop 3: 31st July – 11th August opening window, September delivery. 

Shop 4: 23rd October – 3rd November window, December delivery.

If you are interested in placing a club order out with the outlined shop windows, please contact us and we will see what we can do, send us an email on [email protected].